People have had plenty to say about the name of Wayne Rooney’s newest son [Tweets]

It’s a great day for family Rooney.

The Rooneys are today five people strong after the birth of their third son, Kit Rooney.

The overjoyed couple have been sharing messages on social media with their followers, and the Man United striker has posted the first picture of his newborn online.

The Rooneys first two boys are called Kai and Klay.

Obviously there’s a bit of K-thing going on here with the names. Are they trying to be the Kardashians?

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That’s captured the imagination of quite a few people on social media, and they’ve been coming up with some comedy quips about the name of Wayne and Colleen’s third son.

Happily the jokes stay well clear of anything personally offensive.

On the pitch it was a rough weekend for Rooney as, after recently rediscovering he scoring touch, he could do nothing to stop a 1-0 home defeat against Southampton.

Below are the best tweets on the name of Wayne Rooney’s newest son, Kit.