Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba attacked with emojis & dabbing jokes during the Liverpool game

Haters v Paul Pogba

It’s easy to easy to hate.

It’s even easier to hate when the target is a confident, loud person like Paul Pogba.

The hate is further helped when Pogba managed to bag a special emoji on Twitter just the other day in a marketing and branding exercise, so when the Man United midfielder gave away a penalty in the first half against Liverpool on Sunday, the haters exploded.

He screwed up before then

Pogba’s match wasn’t going well even before he handed Liverpool a spot-kick.

The French international missed a sitter earlier in the game, which should have put United 1-up.

Then the stupid happened: looking to defend a high ball in the box, Pogba handled the ball in the box, and James Milner stepped up to fire Liverpool into the lead.

Cue the emojis

Twitter lit up with hate towards Pogba, and many people used emojis to express their feelings.

Other drew upon Pogba’s love of dabbing to attack the Man United man.

The tweets are below.