No one can begrudge Mesut Özil his post-Ludogorets 2 – Arsenal 3 Tweet

You can Tweet to your heart’s content tonight, Mesut

Ozil celebrating his sensational goal
Ozil celebrating his sensational goal

Mesut Ozil scores sensational solo golazo against Ludogorets

Mesut Ozil nearly broke the Internet with his sensational golazo in Bulgaria tonight.

With the game heading for a 2-2 draw, Ozil popped up with an Arsenal winner in the 88th minute, and it was rather special.

With the keeper rushing out to intercept his advance on goal, Ozil lifted the ball over him with a sumptuous and deft sombrero, but the best was yet to come.

He then sold two feints to the returning Ludogorets defenders, leaving them sliding haplessly around the box, and leaving him with the simple task of tapping into the empty net.

Ozil isn’t the most prolific scorer – although he has increased his output this season – but when his goals are as good as this, they’re worth the wait.

Great post-game Tweet

Ozil’s celebration was also brilliant, as he wheeled away to the corner flag with a knee-slide before his teammates came to join him.

Some great pictures were taken by the pitch-side photographers, and Ozil managed to find a brilliant one, which he wasted no time in tweeting to his followers.

A lot has been made of the Arsenal player’s post-game tweeting – they only do it when they win, after all – but no one, absolutely no one, can begrudge Ozil a cheeky tweet after his goal tonight.