Nicolas Anelka compares Lilian Thuram to a black traitor from Django Unchained

Nicolas Anelka v Lilian Thuram
Nicolas Anelka v Lilian Thuram

Nicolas Anelka v Lilian Thuram

A war of words has blown up this week between two former French national team mates: Nicolas Anelka and Lilian Thuram.

Earlier in the week, a new documentary about the French national team was broadcasted on France 2.

The movie looked at the period between 1996 and 2016.

During the film, Lilian Thuram was interviewed, and he called out Nicolas Anelka’s behaviour and attitude during his time on the Les Bleus squad.

On Tuesday, Anelka reacted on Facebook.

Compares Thuram to a Django Unchained traitor

The former Arsenal and Real Madrid striker has today hit back on social media at Thuram’s comments.

He posted a picture of Thuram alongside a picture of Samuel L Jackson’s character – Stephen – from  Django Unchained.

Stephen played the role of a black traitor in the movie.

Anelka accused Thuram of having the same attitude as the fictional character, while he told Thuram to watch the film if he didn’t understand the reference.

See Nicolas Anelka’s Facebook post below.


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