unluckiest Barcelona fans

Meet the unluckiest Barcelona fans who missed the Las Palmas game

Barcelona v Las Palmas

After mass confusion the game went ahead.

Barcelona took on Las Palmas on Sunday in La Liga, But despite selling thousands of tickets for the match, the game was played behind closed doors.

The whole incident was tied to politics. On Sunday, the public in Catalonia clashed with Spanish riot police as they tried to go to the polls.

Catalonia are considering ceding from Spain, and their people want to have their say in democracy.

The unluckiest Barcelona fans

Having the game played behind closed doors caused a lot of hassle for a lot of fans.

Going to the Camp Nou is one of the main rituals for holiday makers when they visit Barcelona, and in that regard one family suffered harsher than most.

One Australian family went viral outside the Camp Nou.

The family, who traveled from Melbourne, booked their tickets to see Barcelona in action three months ago.

They’d hoped to see Neymar in action.

How unlucky can one family be?!