Meet Leo Messi’s Brazilian doppelganger

Leo Messi's Brazilian doppelganger
Leo Messi’s Brazilian doppelganger

Leo Messi’s Brazilian doppelganger

A Brazilian man is attracting the world’s attention this week for being Leo Messi’s doppelganger.

The football fan has not revealed his true identity or where he lives, but he’s created a Twitter account, @sosiamessii, to try to attract public attention.

He wrote the follow message on the social network:

I am the double of Messi. I made this profile to show the resemblance. Before I thought was very strange. Now, I love the fame.

This week the fan attracted even more attention claiming he’s about to go blonde to look like the Barcelona star even more.

Brazilian website UOL Esporte also reports that theLeo Messi’s doppelganger is being courted to appear on local TV.

So, do you think the resemblance is there?

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