Marc Bartra tracks down brave Borussia Dortmund fan

Brave Dortmund fan

A rather brave Dortmund fan was spotted in the stands during Saturday’s Ruhr derby between Schalke and Borussia Dortmund, which is one of the most intense and hostile derbies in Europe.

Given their close geographical proximity and historical rivalry (they are among the oldest clubs in Europe), there’s not much love lost between both sets of fans.

The game finished in a draw, and one Dortmund fan was pictured sat alone in the Schalke section; you literally couldn’t miss her, as her yellow shirt stood out so clearly among the sea of blue.

Ex-Barcelona defender Marc Bartra was very impressed with this fan, and took to Twitter to track her down.

Bartra finds her

And thanks to the small degrees of separation offered by the Internet these days, the fan was tracked down within no time.

Bartra announced today that he had tracked Steffi down, and that he’s going to keep his promise to her.