Off to Liverpool? Southampton’s Hugo Scheckter confirms he’s leaving

Southampton’s Hugo Scheckter is leaving

On Sunday, Southampton’s player liaison officer Hugo Scheckter took to social media to make an announcement.

Scheckter has revealed that he’s leaving his post at St Mary’s.

He revealed that his final match for Southampton will be the next home game. Obviously that’s against Liverpool at St Mary’s next Sunday.

Hugo Scheckter shared his story

Back in 2017, Hugo Scheckter became a well known name after he bravely revealed he was gay.

Scheckter told his story to the Times about how he told Southampton’s squad about his sexuality:

I’ve always wanted to be a player liaison who happens to be gay, not a gay player liaison.

I was asking the players and staff to trust me 100 per cent with their lives but I wasn’t trusting them with mine. So after two years, I felt I had to be more open. I’ve not faced anyone who has been unaccepting or dismissive.

Off to Liverpool?

Even though Hugo Scheckter is far from the best known employee at Southampton, as soon as he announced he’s leaving the club the jokes started to flow.

‘Are you joining Liverpool?’

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