Liverpool fans loved what Chelsea captain John Terry was reading on way back from Kiev [Instagram]

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John Terry posted a picture on his Instagram account on the way back from Chelsea’s goalless draw with Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday night.

It featured Terry alongside central defensive partner Gary Cahill with a number of things you would expect on the start of a plane journey.

Water, fruit juices and a lengthy book to while the time back to London.

It was not just any book though. It appears that Terry is currently reading Steven Gerrard’s new autobiography “My Story”.

Now playing with LA Galaxy, it would be no surprise were Gerrard to have sent Terry a copy having been England team mates for so many years.

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Intriguingly, the book includes a passage involving Terry and Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. According to The Guardian:

“José Mourinho is the manager Gerrard admires above all others in English and European football. Towards the end of the book he is genuinely moved to receive a heart-felt and hand-written letter from a manager who tried to sign him for Chelsea, Internazionale and Real Madrid. John Terry hands Gerrard an envelope.

‘It’s for you,’ JT said, ‘from José …’


‘Yeah,’ JT said, ‘I wonder what he’s put in that?’

‘I turned over the envelope and laughed,’ Gerrard writes. ‘The back had been sealed with Sellotape and signed by Mourinho. ‘Well, mate,’ I said to JT, ‘he’s obviously signed it because he doesn’t want you to know.'”

On the flight home with @garyjcahill ✈️ #CFC #championsleague

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