Eva Carneiro

Jose Mourinho’s favourite journalist attacks ex-Chelsea physio Eva Carneiro

Eva Carneiro v Chelsea

Suddenly, and somewhat depressingly, this story is back from the dead.

Former Chelsea physio Eva Carneiro has been back in the news in recent days, as she sat down for an interview with French paper L’Equipe.

Two years ago, at the start of the 2015-16 season, Carneiro fell out with then Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.

The 42-year-old doctor was dropped from first-team duties and criticised by Jose Mourinho. That was after she went on to the pitch to treat Eden Hazard on the opening day of the season in a defeat to Swansea.

That ultimately lead to Carneiro leaving the Stamford Bridge club after six years with Chelsea. She sued for constructive dismissal, and Chelsea settled the case in 2016.

Carneiro: ‘I couldn’t watch football’

Talking to L’Equipe, Carneiro opened up about her relationship to football following the Chelsea incident:

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If I’m honest, it took me almost a year to be able to watch a football game. The final of the 2016 Champions League was the only game that I could sit down in front of last year.

She also spoke about how her case was handled in the English press.

Carneiro felt she got a fair representation in the media, saying:

With few exceptions, the English journalists worked with ethics and sought the truth.

You know, I was David against Goliath, and it’s much more comfortable and useful to be on Goliath’s side. I found myself in the midst of a storm, but I am very proud of the way the English press treated the case.

Duncan Castles fumes

Everyone knows that journalist Duncan Castles has extremely close ties with Jose Mourinho.

On Monday morning, Castles has chosen to pick on Carneiro on social media.

He’s questioned whether description of being David v Goliath is accurate.

It’s fair to say Castles’ comments hasn’t gone down well on Twitter.