Javier Hernandez slams Cristiano Ronaldo’s fake Mexico donation story

Support for Mexico after earthquakes

As everyone know doubt knows, it’s been a tragic and difficult few days for the people of Mexico.

Mexico was rocked, literally, by earthquakes last week, and the destruction and death toll has been shocking.

The death toll from the quake has climbed to 326.

Efforts are still continuing to see if there are survivors from the natural disaster, while it’s clear that Mexico will need a huge amount of help to get back on it’s feet.

As may be expected in such times, fundraising efforts are well underway for Mexico.

West Ham striker Javier Hernandez has been using his social media accounts to help raise funds for his homeland.

However, on Monday night, Chicharito also vented on social media about a fake Cristiano Ronaldo donation story.

Javier Hernandez & Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo, for the record, used his own social media platform to react to the Mexican earthquakes.

Ronaldo revealed his personal gesture to one young boy who lost his life after a school was crushed in the earthquake.

The boy in question was young Santiago, who was a huge fan of Ronaldo.

Following his tragic passing, Santiago’s relatives wrote to the Portuguese attacker to let him know just how much of a fan the youngster was.

In response, Ronaldo has since posted a photo of himself on Twitter, holding a Real Madrid jersey with a personal message, reading:

‘To my no.1 one fan, Santiago.’

He captions the post with:

‘In this moment of pain, I send a huge hug to Santiago’s family and to all the families who have lost their loved ones.’

At the same time, a story has gained traction claiming that the Real Madrid star has donated one million euros to help the Mexican people.

The story was originally made public by Fox Sports journalist Fernando Schwartz, who claimed Ronaldo has contacted West Ham’s Chicharito to discuss how best to use the funds.

But there’s a problem with that Ronaldo story.

It’s fabricated and not true. And Chicharito has taken to social media to reveal the “lies”.

The West Ham star has flatly denied that Ronaldo has contacted him, although the El Tri forward said he hoped Cristiano would help.

Of course, Chicharito played alongside Ronaldo for Real Madrid.