Girl turns down $10,000 in order to meet Barcelona star Neymar [Video & Pictures]

Would you rather have $10,000 or a once-in-a-lifetime date with Brazilian superstar Neymar?

That choice was recently presented to a young America football fan called Rhiannon Conelley, and the lass opted to forgo the cash in order to meet her idol.

16-year-old Rhiannon Conelley faced her Sophie’s Choice after she won a competition with soft drink company Guarana Antarctica.

After rejecting the money, Conelley was flown out to Spain to watch Barca take on Getafe, and during her trip she got to hang out with Neymar for a short while.

On her decision, Rhiannon Conelley told reporters:

It was amazing to see a game in Europe, in Barcelona with Neymar playing! It was the best experience ever. We were such groupies waiting for the athletes to arrive, it was cool.

I just wanted to meet Neymar, that was more important than the $10,000.

Watch the footage below, together with pictures from the get-together.