Chelsea jokes & memes sweep the internet after West Ham defeat

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Who could have foreseen that Chelsea would have just 11 points after 10 games in late October of the 2015/2016 season?

Certainly not this author who has packed his Fantasy Premier League side with Chelsea players all campaign!

The come down for the Chelsea champions has been spectacular.

Was it the Eva Carneiro incident that sent Chelsea into a downward spiral? Perhaps it was letting Petr Cech go to Arsenal?

Or just a shocking summer transfer window that has left Jose Mourinho bereft of a top class squad.

After defeat at West Ham, which included red cards for Jose Mourinho and Nemanja Matic, the immediate future for Chelsea does not look great.

Could Roman Abramovich sack the most successful Chelsea manager in their history before the end of the calendar year?

An unthinkable premise just a few months ago but where do Chelsea go from here?

Catching the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United looks nigh on impossible from this point.

Which means winning the Champions League or finishing fourth could be the only way Mourinho can save his job.

The internet, i.e. all other football fans besides Chelsea supporters on the world wide web, will not be too interested in the whys and what happens from here, they are simply loving the current state of affairs at Stamford Bridge!