Chelsea fans laugh off Gary Neville’s factual claim about Arsenal [Tweets]

Arsenal bigger than Chelsea  ‘it’s a fact’

Given Arsenal’s recent travails, they’re a pretty easy target for criticism these days.

With all the uncertainty surrounding Arsene Wenger’s future, the team’s inability to win a game of any real consequence, and the circus that is Arsenal Fan TV, the north London club has become a bit of a laughing stock this season.

The whole Wenger In/Wenger Out debate is starting to overshadow the actual football on the pitch – and it’s probably just as well, because Arsenal don’t play much football these days.

It seems a lot of the players are no longer for playing for the manager; or if they are, they’re completely devoid of confidence.

But amid all the laughing at Arsenal, they have one unlikely loyal fan in….Gary Neville.

Speaking on Sky yesterday, Neville insisted that Arsenal remain a bigger club than Chelsea despite their recent problems.

Chelsea fans not happy

And as you’d expect, Chelsea fans haven’t taken it too well.

Since Arsenal last won the league, Chelsea have won it 3 times and are on course for a fourth – as well as winning the Champions League in 2012.

Chelsea routinely attract bigger and better players than Arsenal these days – Kante for example – so can Neville really justifiably say this in 2017?