Neil Warnock

Insecure c***: Cardiff captain Sean Morrison savages Derby players on social media (Video)

Cardiff City vs Derby County

The battle for automatic promotion to the Premier League is fierce.

Wolves seem set to win the Championship, while Cardiff are in pole position to finish second.

But Cardiff are under pressure from Fulham, Aston Villa and Derby County, who all still harbour runners-up hopes.

Derby host Cardiff on April 24 in a massive match in the promotion shake-up.

Sean Morrison savages Derby players

Cardiff captain Sean Morrison has starred in a new video which is going viral on social media.

In the video, Morrison tears into several Derby players by name.

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Morrison went after three Derby players: Richard Keogh, Alex Pearce and Jason Shackell, who is now on loan at Millwall:

Alright Richard, Richie. Just want to say mate, you are a mug.

Give me the ball, give me the ball, I really want the ball’ – then you just run as fast as you can 10 yards then just cut inside to the other centre-half because you are s*** at football.

Pearcey is up your a***. Alex Pearce is so far up your a*** it is an embarrassment.

Shackell as well, he doesn’t show his d***. Little insecure c***. Little tiny d***, little tiny willy!

Neil Warnock was furious

Cardiff were supposed to face Derby last month, but the match was called off for weather concerns.

Cardiff manager Neil Warnock was interviewed on Sky Sports on Sunday after the match was called off.

Warnock was asked for his reaction to the decision, and after trying to start out on an even keel he quickly shouted about the call.

Calling the decision a “disgrace”, Warnock said the following:

We’ve got some of our fans outside that have travelled a distance, we’ve got some Derby fans outside that have come from miles away. You see all the comments.

I’m sorry I can’t accept that today – safety? We’ve come out from the middle of the countryside in the coach and the roads have been perfectly alright, so I just don’t know where they’re coming from with this. It leaves a sour taste for all the people that have travelled.