Boyfriend tweets Mario Balotelli’s flirty texts with his Icelandic girlfriend on Instagram

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One of the top sports stories in Iceland this week is how Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli flirted with some Icelandic girls on Instagram.

In a comedy twist, one of Balotelli’s attempts to woo the Scandinavian lass was exposed by the girl’s own boyfriend, who posted a screenshot of the chat between the Liverpool man and his missus on Twitter.

@jonataningi added the strapline “The moment when Mario Balotelli tries to steal your girlfriend :(” to his image.

Interesting @jonataningi’s girlfriend wasn’t the only female Balotelli chatted up on Instagram, with a second flirty conversation with another Icelandic woman also doing the round of social media.

Read Mario Balotelli’s attempts to woo the ladies via text messages above and below, together a picture of one of the women in question.



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