Barcelona’s Gerard Pique reacts on social media after Shakira split rumours

Gerard Pique splits from Shakira?

Last Thursday rumours broke in both the Spanish and Colombian media that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has split from pop star Shakira.

In recent days, Colombian news reports have suggested that Shakira and Pique were thinking of separating.

And, that Shakira has moved out of the family home in Barcelona.

On Thursday, Spanish website Cotilleo has confirmed the news, which is sure to be a big story across the planet.

Pique & Shakira last seen together at Leo Messi’s wedding

Speculation has been rife since June, when Pique and Shakira were last seen in public together.

This was at Leo Messi’s wedding to Antonella Roccuzzo in Rosario, Argentina.
Gerard Pique and Shakira have two children together: Milan, 4, and Sasha, 2.

Shakira sings a love song

Over the weekend, Shakira posted a short video on social media.

The South American pop star wrote the message, “a little pause in my day to sing a love song!”

If Shakira’s suffering from a broken heart, she’s hiding it pretty well.

Gerard Pique reacts

Pique, currently away with the Spanish national team during the international break, reacted to Shakira’s post.

Again appearing to buck rumours the couple have gone their separate ways, Pique seemed to reveal his affection and love for Shakira.

Tough times for Gerard Pique

While Pique and Shakira face all these rumours, the Barcelona star also has plenty of other fires to put out right now.

Pique has offered to retire from the Spanish national team in the wake of the Catalonia independence referendum.

At the same time, the Barcelona centre-half was booed and jeered by Spanish fans over the weekend in a 2018 World Cup qualifier.