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Arsenal fans rage at Alexis Sanchez’s latest Instagram update

Is Alexis Sanchez pushing for a move from Arsenal?

It always seemed likely that Alexis Sanchez’s attempts to leave Arsenal would move up a notch when the Chilean finished his summer holidays.

Alexis Sanchez is due back to Arsenal pre-season training on Sunday due to the fact he played at the Confederations Cup with Chile.

As it stands, Sanchez has still not signed or agreed a new deal at Arsenal with just one year remaining on his contract at the Emirates.

A number of reports suggest Sanchez wants to leave Arsenal and join Manchester City. Meanwhile, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been consistent in his stance throughout the summer that the Chilean superstar will see out his contract.


On Thursday, Arsenal confirmed on their official website that Sanchez would return to pre-season training on Sunday.

Just a few hours later, in the early hours of Friday morning, Alexis Sanchez provided his own update on Instagram.

Sanchez simply tagged two pictures with the word “sick” in English and Spanish.

The update features Sanchez with one of his dogs and in a scarf.

Arsenal fans rage at Alexis Sanchez’s latest Instagram update

Now perhaps Sanchez is genuinely ill and this update will make no difference to the Chilean attacker returning in time to train on Sunday.

Or, as some are already suggesting, this is the start of an Alexis Sanchez saga where the former Barcelona attacker looks to push for a move from Arsenal.

Clearly, some Arsenal fans are angry with Sanchez for being “sick” and they have flooded his Instagram page with some comments.

A selection of the angriest ones are below.

Alexis Sanchez’s “sick” Instagram post

Enfermo sick

A post shared by Alexis Sanchez (@alexis_officia1) on

Arsenal fans rage in the comments

– You maybe be sick, but so are we with your lack of commitment to arsenal, show some respect to the man who gave you the opertunity to shine instead of flirting with the man who left you benched at barca. #arsenal

– You think you ain’t returning to training? Haha

– Gimmicks! Dude doesn’t want to return to @arsenal

– Sick or not… Arsene wants to see u on sunday

– When you hate your employer so you’ll have a sick day at every opportunity…

– Arsenal has made you the talk in the whole planet. Now you think trashing them is the best thing? You leave I assure you the grass aint greener than where you are. should Lemar come, you will realise how you squandered your opportunity.

– An excuse to get out of the backlash at the Emirates this weekend!

– Have a Berrocca, pop yourself in the shower and get down to London Colney you little wally. You’re not fooling anyone

– If you don’t want to be at Arsenal I would rather cash in on you….. stop playing games and clear off to Paris please pal.

– Don’t want to face wenger you greedy bastard

– Money hungry mofo

– Sick of playing for Arsenal

– Hope you leave real soon! No love for the club you just want £££

– Famcy that when your sopose to be bk with us on sunday! Joke, i thought more of you than that. We can do better than this!! If he dosent want to play/be there lets fucking sell him. No player is bigger than the club. ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENALLLLLLLL!!!

– You are such a pussy. Who posts stuff like this

– Get ur arse back to training. Hopefully we get Lemar soon and get rid of you. Diva.

– We lost much better players than you and survived. You are not bigger than ARSENAL Football club. Show some respect.

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