Soccer Saturday pundits are frustrated that Arsenal haven’t bought a centre-half (Video)

Arsene Wenger watching Arsenal lost at home to Liverpool
Arsene Wenger watching Arsenal lose at home to Liverpool

Objectively frustrating

You don’t have to be an Arsenal fan to find the club’s reluctance to buy players frustrating. It is objectively frustrating. Arsenal are a big club and their objective is to stay a big club. If they wish to do this then they must stay ahead of the competition. But their rivals are splashing the cash and the Gunners aren’t.

What’s going on?

It was a topic for discussion on Soccer Saturday earlier today. No member of the panel could comprehend why Arsene Wenger hadn’t signed a top centre-half. After being destroyed by Liverpool at the Emirates, the need for quality is more pressing than ever. So what’s holding up a transfer deal?

The Gunners have most regularly been linked with Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi and West Brom centre-back Jonny Evans but the reported protracted penny-pinching is pissing off supporters.

Maybe it’s some consolation to see that it’s annoying neutrals who can’t understand what’s going on either.

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