Sky Sports pundits unite to praise Marouane Fellaini

A good substitution

When Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho put Marouane Fellaini on the field instead of opting for Marcus Rashford, people were not impressed.

However, it turned out that Mourinho actually knew what he was doing (shocker) and the player, who recently signed a one year extension to his contract at Old Trafford, changed the game.

Not only did fans comment, but so did the Sky Sports pundits, who at times, have given Fellaini more stick than most.

The praise

Redknapp said: “I don’t think it was until Marouane Fellaini came on that they [United] looked like they’d get anything out of the game.”

Carragher meanwhile added: “It was always going to be a problem for Liverpool when Fellaini came on and I think Liverpool, coming here before the game, would take a draw. But you’re disappointed at the end of the game the way it finished.”

And Henry ended by saying the club were ‘impossible’ to deal with once they put Fellaini on the field.

All in all, a good day for the Belgian then.