Serge Gnabry ignites specualtion after flirting with Arsenal and Chelsea

Regretting the move

Only five months after leaving Arsenal, Serge Gnabry has been speaking about returning to the Premier League.

He’s been brilliant in the Bundesliga for Werder Bremen, and has netted 10 times in only 16 games – leading to calls for him to return to the Premier League, and also questions as to why he didn’t get more of a chance under Arsene Wenger for the Gunners.

He was speaking to Bild, and said: “For my future, I’ve decided to focus on how I play now and today. That’s why I’m trying to concentrate on the now.

“As of today, I do not intend to change in the summer. But what happens in the future depends on my performance.

“What if Chelsea or Arsenal come knocking? Well, at the moment I’m trying to give everything to Werder.”

Chelsea keen?

One thing that would annoy Arsenal fans is the fact he’s also made eyes at Chelsea – the club who of course signed Cesc Fabregas and Ashley Cole.

However, looking at his response there, it seems he was directly asked about Chelsea, and gave the best answer he could without offending anyone.