Sean Dyche recalls classic anecdote ahead of Burnley’s Carabao Cup tie with Leeds

Appreciation of the Cup

While a number of Premier League managers view the League Cup as a platform to give youngsters a chance or hand minutes to fringe players, Sean Dyche has a different view of the tournament.

Ahead of Burnley’s third round tie with Leeds on Thursday night, the manager recalled a moment of appreciation for the League Cup.

“When it was the Rumbelows Cup, you used to win a TV if you were man of the match. I gave it to my mum and dad. It was a proper, real, good, high-quality Sony TV. It was worth more than my week’s wages,” Dyche said.

“When you’re a player at Chesterfield, you’re probably not thinking that you’re going to win the league, so you enjoy the games, and you get a nice little Brucie bonus, if you’re man of the match, by winning a TV, which I did,” he added.

“The next year, I won a bike. Coca-Cola sponsored it, and because they weren’t going to get a crate of Coca-Cola, you got a bike.

“Nicky Law, who played alongside me at Chesterfield and is now one of our scouts, had his kid buy it off me for about £40.”

Burnley suffered a massive blow last week with the full extent of Tom Heaton’s injury being confirmed.

Reserve tournament

Last season Manchester United’s mix of youth and experience won the EFL Cup, now known as the Carabao Cup due to sponsorship, with established stars such as Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic took part

Earlier this week Mauricio Pochettino all but confirmed that he was not interested in the tournament ahead of their third round tie with Barnsley.

The Spurs boss admitted that the Premier League and the Champions League were far more important than the domestic trophies.

Since joining Arsenal in 1996, manager Arsene Wenger has used the tournament to field youngsters, which is one of the reasons he has never won the trophy.