Seamus Coleman gives incredible interview over James McCarthy injury

Seamus Coleman


Seamus Coleman has been through and came back from a double leg break and now wants to be an inspiration for his teammate James McCarthy.

The two Irishman are very close both on and off the pitch but the timing of their injuries has halted the possibility of them playing together again.

Seamus suffered a double leg break a year ago in an international following a tackle from Aston Villa’s Neil Taylor.

A year on, he has made his comeback in Everton’s youth side but his friend suffered the same injury last weekend.

An unfortunate incident with Solomon Rondon saw McCarthy suffer a double leg break but Coleman has vowed to provide him with inspiration.

“It is going to give me the motivation to be as good as I can possibly be to show James that there is a way back from it,” Coleman explained to the Times.

“Every day I go out, every week I go out, I am going to play the best I can so that he sees there is a way back. That is my motivation now.

“If I can play as best as I can, then he can see me on a Saturday on Match of the Day setting up goals, scoring goals, and that is the perfect motivation for him.

“There wasn’t anything that came flooding back to me or flashbacks, I was just devastated for my best friend in football.

“It is a big shock for him and a big shock for his family.

“I have seen him and he will be back, there is no doubt about that. I will be there for him.

“My interviews have probably changed a little bit since his injury because my sole motivation is for him now.”

McCarthy gives update following horror injury

Following his injury, the Irishman was sent for surgery.

Now, the player has responded to the support he has received over the past few days.

Click here to find out what he had to say. 

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