Ryan Mason speaks about possible return to Tottenham Hotspur

Not sure

Former Tottenham Hotspur and Hull player Ryan Mason has of course announced the sad news he is hanging up his boots after advice from doctors, telling him the head injury he suffered when he clashed with Gary Cahill was too much to come back from, and amid plenty of questions about where his future will be, the player has made it clear he is taking it all in his stride.

He also said that he feels coaching could be for him in the future, and that he spent so long at Spurs, that if he was to go back to any club, it could well be to them.

Standard Sport report he said: “I’m going to see what I fall into. But if I was to go down the coaching route, I spent 18 years at Tottenham and that’s my club so I’m sure that would be in my DNA if I was a coach.

“I’m still not sure [what I’ll do next]. I’m just going to see where everything takes me.

“I’ve only been retired for four or five days so I think I’m going to enjoy a bit of time with my family, see everyone and then see where I want to go with it all.”


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Open door

The player has the full support of the club he was with for nearly two decades, and Mauricio Pochettino has said more than once that he would welcome the player back, and repeated that following the club’s comeback draw against Juventus – which will see them take two away goals into the second leg.

He said: “It is very sad news but he opens a door for his future with his family.

“Ryan has been at the training ground in recent days. We have been talking to him with [head of academy,] John McDermott.

“He will be successful in whatever he does. He will always be a special player for me. He represents for me this change in all when we arrived at Tottenham.

“The door is open for me to help him; and the club because we love him and Rachel and George and all his family.”

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