Rumour: ‘Paulinho takes out Neymar’ spreads on social media

‘Paulinho takes out Neymar’

The international break often sees a lull football news, which opens the way for fake news to get more of an airing.

On Tuesday, such a story has taken hold on social media as Barcelona fans gloat about a reported injury to Neymar.

Neymar is currently with the Brazilian national squad for the international break.

Brazil has already qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, while they close out their qualifiers with games against Bolivia and Chile.

PSG v Barcelona

Neymar became a divisive figure in the summer when he left Barcelona for PSG.

The South American smashed the world transfer record in the process, as PSG paid 222 million euros for his services.

In the aftermath of football’s ‘transfer of the century’, it’s clear that Barcelona remain shell-shocked by the deal.

At the start of the summer, no one at the Camp Nou even considered Neymar would walk out of the club. But then it happened.

Wishing harm on Neymar

It now seems that some Barcelona fans wish the worst for Neymar.

In that regard, rumours are spreading that Paulinho, who joined Barcelona in the summer, injured Neymar at Brazil’s training on Tuesday.

The rumours seem to have originated from a couple of Twitter accounts who write in Arabic.

Those tweets have then been amplified by other Barcelona accounts in English.

And it’s not taken long for the memes to start as well.

The only problem is that it seems the whole story is fabricated. No reputable news outlet have confirmed the Neymar-Paulinho rumour.