Ronaldinho on The Player's Tribune

Ronaldinho’s letter to his eight-year-old self includes a brilliant passage on Leo Messi

Ronaldinho’s letter to his eight-year-old self

Brazilian legend Ronaldinho has today penned a letter to his eight-year-old self for The Players’ Tribune.

Dinho has traced his entire football career in his long article, and there are a load of brilliant nuggets for his fans to enjoy.

He talks about how he practiced his skills with his dog when he was a lad. Ronaldinho penned the following passage:

Where you live in Porto Alegre, there are drugs and gangs and that kind of stuff around. It’s going to be tough, but as long as you are playing football — on the street, at the park, with your dog — you will feel safe.

Yes, I said your dog, by the way. He’s a tireless defender.

You’ll play with Roberto. You’ll play with other kids and older guys at the park. But eventually everyone will get tired — and you will want to keep playing. So make sure you always take your dog, Bombom, out with you. Bombom is a mutt. A real Brazilian dog. And even Brazilian dogs love football. He’ll be great practice for dribbling and skills … and maybe the first casualty of the “Elastico.”

Talks about Leo Messi

Later in the letter, Ronaldinho spoke about when Leo Messi first burst onto the scene at the Camp Nou.

The Brazilian legend compared himself to the Argentine great, noting how they had a similar playing style.

Ronaldinho wrote the following:

At Barcelona, you’ll hear about this kid on the youth team. He wears number 10 like you. He’s small like you. He plays with the ball like you. You and your teammates will go watch him play for Barcelona’s youth squad, and at that moment you’ll know he’s going to be more than a great footballer. The kid is different. His name is Leo Messi.

Even when you are gone, the free style will live on in Barcelona through Messi.