Romelu Lukaku celebrates goal v Stoke

Romelu Lukaku responds to criticised Manchester United chant

Mixed feelings?

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku has had his say on his Manchester United chant that has been grabbing the headlines over the past seven days.

The controversial song has been slammed by several members of football and has also been condemned by the football club itself and deemed racist.

Lukaku has yet to comment on the chant since its emergence but has now commented on it through the club social media pages.

Seemingly, the player has been asked to put an end to the chant by calling for it to stopped and has pleaded for players and fans to ‘move on together’.

The comment on the Manchester United twitter page also had Lukaku explaining that the fans ‘meant well’ with their chant but would like it to stop.

Kick it Out and more have already condemned the song and have pleaded with fans to cease the singing.

Though, it is yet to be seen whether action will be taken against supporters who will continue to sing the song should that happen.

The response to the tweet had several fans suggesting that it was harmless, as well as some suggesting Lukaku had been forced into his comments as the club are not happy with the song in the slightest.

Paul Ince backs Lukaku song

While there have been some big names in football slamming the song this week including Kick it Out, one Manchester United fan has backed it.

That comes in the form of Paul Ince who insists there are no problems with the Romelu Lukaku chant and it is not racist.

“I honestly think it’s a group of fans that have got carried away and did not expect the backlash they have got,” he explained.

“I’d say it’s just a bit of fun, that’s got out of control now.”