Radja Nainggolan

Roma’s Radja Nainggolan on Chelsea, Juventus and a China move

Past, present and future

Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan has been answering a whole host of questions this week including ones on Juventus, Chelsea and a move to China.

The Belgian box-to-box star is known for his hot-headed performances but still remains at the top of European football.

Though, there are a number of things surrounding him right now that he has had his say on.

One is his hate for Italian giants Juventus and their chances of winning Serie A.

Safe to say, he made sure his feelings on Juve were clear but made it known he wants them to win the title.

“Honestly, I hate Juve, but I hope they win the title,” Nainggolan explained.

“Nothing against Napoli and they should deserve it for how they play, but if another team but Juve wins it, and it’s not us, I would die of envy. Sorry, Mertens”.

Radja Nainggolan (R) with his teammate Antonio Rudiger

(Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)


Not only that, the midfielder has been talking about a potential move to China as well as a failed move to Chelsea two years ago.

“There was a little something, nothing serious. I’m a liar to say that money does not interest me.

“I’m 30 … But the truth is that in the past I rejected important offers, two years ago I could go to Chelsea and earn more, but for me there is only the economic aspect. 

“Let me explain, one thing is to say: “I’m going to have a good time in China and get the money”. 

“There are people willing to do anything, even to wash their clothes with his hands, just to go and get all that money. 

“Another question is if I have to stay on the same level, so I better change city and lifestyle so often? I do not have this thought yet. I’m fine here and that’s it.”

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