Robinho responds to being sentenced to nine years in prison

Statement released

Former Manchester City, Real Madrid and AC Milan forward Robinho has responded today to being sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual assault.

The news broke yesterday afternoon that the Brazilian had been given the hefty sentence and details started to emerge of what happened.

The offence came in January 2013 with the act coming against a young Albanian woman.

Robinho and five other men were accused of sexual assault towards the woman but Robinho has now defended himself.

Posting a picture stating ‘CLARIFICATION NOTE’ in bold letters, the caption read as follows:

“Relating to events of a few years ago, we would like to clarify that he already defended himself from the accusations, saying he had no involvement with the episode.”

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“All legal steps are already being taken regarding this decision in the first instance.”

Whether this will have any effect on his sentence is yet to be seen, but reports did state the trial will go through an appeals stage.

That means that Robinho could still escape jail time even after the reports that have emerged.

Football Italia claims that:

“Although this is a guilty verdict and a nine-year prison sentence awarded, the Italian justice system includes several levels of appeal.”

“Because of that, the verdict is effectively put on hold until the appeals process is completed and no sentence will be enforced until then.”

Time will tell if Robinho is truly found guilty or not.

Further details

As the news emerged yesterday, details continued to flood out about what could happen to Robinho.

Not only that, details of the night slowly began to trickle out, leading all the way back to his AC Milan days.

You can find out more details about the nine-year sentence by clicking here.