Roberto Firmino’s goal for Liverpool v Crystal Palace could’ve been disallowed for crazy reason

What a moment this would have been if the ref had spotted it…

Firmino's 'shirt off' celebration against Palace
Firmino’s ‘shirt off’ celebration against Palace

Roberto Firmino’s goal against Crystal Palace

Roberto Firmino carried on his brilliant form at Selhurt Park last Saturday, scoring a lovely chipped goal in Liverpool’s win over Crystal Palace.

The Brazilian has been in red-hot form since the start of the season, leading Liverpool’s lightning-quick attack with incisive runs and brilliantly-taken goals.

Firmino wasn’t so widely known in England when he signed from Hoffenheim in the summer of 2015, but his form for Liverpool since then has seen him become a regular with the Brazilian national team.

Aside from his great play, Firmino is loved by Liverpool fans for his expressive style and play, and he showed his flamboyance by taking off his shirt when he scored on Saturday.

Firmino has often been seen contemplating taking his shirt off after scoring, only to think better of it and avoid the obligatory booking, but he let himself go on Saturday and showed off his tattooed torso.

Could have been disallowed

In fact, he was so keen to take his shirt off that it was off before the ball crossed the line.

And technically, that could have resulted in the goal being disallowed, as taking your shirt off mid-game is a bookable offence, and a free-kick to the opposition:

“If play is stopped to caution the player, an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team from the position of the ball when play was stopped.”

Just imagine how silly Firmino would’ve looked had the goal been disallowed!

(Via Mirror)