Cristiano Ronaldo after opener vs Juventus

Rio Ferdinand labels Cristiano Ronaldo a ‘joke’ after Juventus performance

Goal of the season?

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has labelled former teammate and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo legend a ‘joke’.

The Portuguese star has been extremely impressive over the past few months and has gone from having the worst season of his career to a brilliant one.

Now, everyone is talking about that incredible goal against Juventus on Tuesday.

Rio Ferdinand has labelled Ronaldo a joke after the strike, emphasising just how good it was.

‘He’s in a relentless pursuit of greatness and produces a moment of brilliance,’ Ferdinand said.

‘To see one of the greatest if not the greatest player on the planet produce a movement like this. Look how high he is off the floor? He’s a joke.

‘Another goal I was fortunate to see was that Wayne Rooney goal [against Manchester City in 2011], it may have been a bit shinier, but it’s the occasion, where he is scoring this goal.

‘The thing is about this guy, he turns up, every time he is asked to deliver on the big stage, he delivers.’

Cristiano Ronaldo overhead kick

Cristiano Ronaldo during the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Leg One match between Juventus and Real Madrid at Allianz Stadium on April 3, 2018 in Turin, Italy.


That lead to a discussion on to what was the best ever overhead kick.

Ferdinand suggested that Ronaldo’s was the best due to the other famous goals having a flaw.

‘I think Trevor Sinclair’s goal was actually better but that wasn’t on this stage, Wayne [Rooney’s] was off his shin, sorry Wayne but it was…’ said Ferdinand.

‘Great players have the ability to take our breath away, we take them for granted.’

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals whether Juventus goal is best of his career

While everyone is talking about whether it’s the best overhead kick ever, Ronaldo is looking at it with a different angle.

He has been asked the question as to whether that was his best ever goal.

Click here to find out what he thought. 

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