Revealed: The Premier League midfielder who’s better than everyone else

Sorry Arsenal fans

They might want Mesut Ozil to sign a new deal, but it seems there are two better players than him in the Premier League’s top midfields.

That’s according to these stats from CIES Football Observatory, with all the players considered playing at least 900 minutes of football this season.

They take into account the output from the players – goals, assists, passes etc and then give the players a points rating.

The stats

The numbers do not lie, and while they can be spun in various ways, the fact remains, Philippe Coutinho and Kevin De Bruyne are leading the way – with Ozil and Payet behind them.

It’s great news for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, but when you consider the importance of Coutinho (and the stats put it rather clearly) for the creative star to be out for so long has been seriously detrimental to their title challenge, which has fallen away after recent games, and the match against Manchester United is now more crucial than ever.

Add to that the rumoured interest in Coutinho from Barcelona, and you could well see Liverpool fighting to keep the star.

Of course, some fans would tell you stats don’t tell the whole story, and might feel that another player has been more important, but looking at these, it’s hard to argue with the theory that Coutinho is developing into one of the very best players around.