Jose Mourinho & Pep Guardiola laughing

Revealed: The big differences between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola


Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola might be occupying the same city, but the duo are very different.

That’s according to Jamie Redknapp, who thinks that the pair are certainly winners but that they have very different ways of going about things.

That’s long been the view held of the duo, with Mourinho seen as far more cautious and now it seems that in the same weekend Manchester City put seven goals past Stoke, and United drew in a defensive game at Anfield, the differences are more pronounced than ever.

“City are a different team to Manchester United,” Redknapp said on Sky Sports.

“We’re talking about Jose Mourinho by the way. We are talking about two completely different managers who have a completely different mindset. 

“They wake up and they see football completely different. Mourinho and Guardiola, they don’t see the game the same. 

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“Mourinho sees it defensively, Pep sees the beautiful game. 

“He didn’t not want to win it, he just took a point and I don’t blame him for that. 

“I watched it and he got what he wanted, he got a point. 

“He got out of there and I’m sure he will be happy with a point, I honestly think so. 

“You can’t win every game, so what you don’t do is lose it. I think it’s a good point.”



They might have different methods, but the one thing they do share in common is both are serial winners, with trophies the norm and not the exception for the duo.

That’s certainly something that City expect this season after finishing empty handed last term, and with United placing a shocking sixth in the Premier League, both sides are going all out for the title this season and are the favourites for success.