Reducing Premier League wages: Talk of 50% wage cuts & why nothing has actually happened

Reducing Premier League wages

Several members of the English press have the same story on their back page on Thursday: wage reductions in the Premier League could be coming soon.

Yet, at the time of writing, it’s worth noting that not a single Premier League club have so far cut the wages of their stars.

Talk of 50% wage cuts in the Premier League

The Telegraph have reported that Premier League stars could have their wages halved during the Premier League hiatus. Readers are told:

Premier League clubs are discussing asking players to take significant pay deferrals, possibly by as much as 50 per cent, with growing pressure on the Professional Footballers Association to agree to the cuts.

The move is “inevitable”, according to one senior executive with his club hoping to start the process this week in talks with the club captain with a deferral of 50 per cent being initially suggested although there is a strong sense that the PFA and players will balk at that.

How the PFA have reacted

On Wednesday night, the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) reacted to the talk of wage cuts.

The PFA have so far stopped short of agreeing to any salary reductions. Instead, they want to sit down to talk about it. The PFA have said:

The PFA has called for an urgent meeting with both the Premier League and English Football League to discuss the impact that the COVID-19 crisis is having on the finances of both clubs and players.

Several clubs have already approached players with a view to imposing pay deferrals.

In order to deal with this situation, we have called for an urgent meeting with both the Premier League and the EFL to discuss how we might proceed going forward.

Will Premier League stars actually accept wage cuts?

The Express suggest that Premier League players are balking at having any of their salaries cut.

Reacting to the PFA’s statement on Wednesday, the Express published an article titled: “Premier League stars demand emergency meeting in fear of wage cuts due to coronavirus”.

The Mirror, meanwhile, suggest that no Premier League club will make any pay cuts until a communal decision is made between all the teams in the league. Readers are told:

According to a senior executive at one Premier League club, the talks are inevitable – and there is growing pressure on the PFA to agree to a temporary reduction in wages.

The next conference call between Premier League clubs is scheduled for April 3 where the proposal will likely be discussed at length.


So what’s likely to happen?

In the Daily Mail, Newcastle United is used as an example of a Premier League club who need to make pay cuts:

Let’s start at the top, where money is so on tap that Newcastle United can spend £40million on a striker who hardly scores. They’re immune, right? Wrong.

Even they will feel the pinch. Clubs are on a potential collision course with broadcasters, with executives told they face losing more than £750m in lost revenue.

Yet, despite that economic reality, it’s questionable whether the Premier League footballers will agree to halve their salaries.

Instead, returning to the Telegraph, it’s suggested that a compromise agreement could be reached in which Premier League players only have their wages reduced by 20%.

Finally, in another article in the Daily Mail on Thursday, it seems inevitable that Premier League players will be forced into some sort of pay cut:

Premier League players are also facing pay deferrals. Sportsmail understands that top-flight stars have now been told to expect temporary wage cuts while no football is being played.


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