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Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos addresses his haters on social media after Ajax

Real Madrid & Sergio Ramos

It’s been a horrific few weeks for Real Madrid.

In the space of a week, Real Madrid’s season effectively came to an end.

They lost to Barcelona in the Copa del Rey semifinal. Their La Liga title hopes are non-existent.

While Ajax dumped the three-time reigning Champions League champs out of the competition.

Sergio Ramos was major fall-guy during the Ajax game.

Real won the away leg 2-1 in Amsterdam, and in the final minutes of the match the Madric centre-half was purposefully booked.

That booking meant Ramos missed the Ajax second leg.

Moreover, Ramos was being filmed during the second Ajax match for an upcoming documentary with Amazon Prime.

Sergio Ramos addresses his haters on social media after Ajax

On Monday, Sergio Ramos has posted a lengthy social media update to address his haters.

Ramos had answered questions about his behaviour in recent days.

The Spanish centre half admitted he was “200%” at fault for getting himself booked and missing the Ajax second leg.

Ramos also offered replies on claims he’s had a bust-up with Marcelo and much more.

Sergio Ramos’ Instagram post

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As footballers we like to do our talking on the pitch but this season is not turning out that way. Recent events have been disastrous and I’m not hiding. We are not hiding. We the players are primarily responsible and I, as captain, more than anyone. That's why I thought that the most honest way to answer the questions that are circulating around us would be to tackle them directly. Was the yellow card in Amsterdam an error? Absolutely it was an error and I take the blame 200%. Why did you record the documentary? There are certain commitments made and it never remotely went through my head that the game could have turned out as it did. The recording itself was scaled down as the game went on. Did you argue with the President in the dressing room? Dressing room issues are discussed and resolved in the dressing room. There's no problem whatsoever and everybody has the same interest: Real Madrid. Did you address your teammates and criticize them? We always talk and motivate each other in the dressing room and always in a constructive way. Did you have a confrontation with Marcelo? We have exchanges in every training session. It's part of working with pressure. But it’s just an anecdote like so many others that happen from day to day. @Marcelotwelve is like a brother to me. Why did you travel to Valladolid? Because I wanted to be close and support my teammates. What's happening with the coach? It’s a decision that’s not ours to make and in which we never interfere. We have enormous respect for the position and we always support the Real Madrid coach. These reflections are, without doubt, the result of a deeply disappointing season but if success didn’t stop us, we're not going to let defeat stop us. It's our obligation to carry on, to work and to evolve. And to remember that some of us are lucky enough to play for @realmadrid, some of us are lucky enough to form part of its history, but #RealMadrid was, is and will always be #RealMadrid. No one name makes the legend of Real Madrid, but we have all written that legend together. Together we have to work for the future and restore our hope. Madridista Commitment. #HalaMadrid

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