Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates 5 Champions Leagues

Real Madrid ‘won’t notice Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence’ – Dani Ceballos

No difference

Real Madrid fans might be worrying what they’re going to do this season now Cristiano Ronaldo has left for Juventus, but it seems one of their players doesn’t have any concerns.

Dani Ceballos thinks that the club will be all the better for seeing Ronaldo leave, and that they will be able to offer more of an attacking threat now via Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio.

They are certainly comments many people will raise their eyebrows at, and given the goal to game ratio Ronaldo produced during his time in the Spanish capital, it’s little wonder.

Marca report Dani Ceballos said : “We are playing differently, with more possession and with the threat of scoring when Bale is plugged in, as well as Benzema and Marco.

“You will not notice the absence of Cristiano.

“[Kovacic] is training in Madrid and he is still our teammate.

“We are waiting.

“The decisions [on picking the team] have to be made by the coach, I will work to make it hard for him

“Against Manchester United we were green and still competed. In the other two games we have taken the win and played well. I feel confident.”

Juventus fans

Juventus fans during the serie A match between AS Roma and Juventus at Stadio Olimpico on May 13, 2018 in Rome, Italy.


Now, since the move to Juventus, Ronaldo has of course seemed far happier and the club have gone right to one of the sides who are Champions League favourites. 

By comparison, Real Madrid will have to do without their talisman, and while the likes of Gareth Bale are certainly talented, quite if they can replace the 40 plus goals a season Ronaldo always produced remains to be seen.

Juve meanwhile will be looking to not only win Serie A, but also the Champions League, and there’s no doubt they have the man to do that.

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