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QPR & ex-Liverpool defender Steven Caulker savages The Sun

Steven Caulker attracts the headlines

QPR defender Steven Caulker may not have played since October, but the former Liverpool centre back has been in the news.

On Sunday, Caulker had his Instagram account hacked by someone wishing to make the footballer look like a love rat.

A series of pictures of a naked woman have been uploaded onto the defender’s social media account, along with messages from WhatsApp.

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Steven Caulker v The Sun

Over the course of this week, The Sun have kept up the pressure on Caulker with regular articles on the QPR defender and his girlfriend.

There was a story suggesting Caulker’s car had been covered in graffiti and The Sun have also followed Caulker’s girlfriend when she went to walk her dog.

On Thursday, it seems like Caulker had had enough, and has issued a statement on Instagram, to his nearly 70,000 followers.

Steven Caulker’s full statement on Instagram

After trying for 3 days not to rise to the bait, we are both fed up and appauled by the lies spread by the national media.

Firstly, ‘my’ stay in the hotel was alongside Lauren which the highly unprofessional hotel staff failed to mention.

The reason for our stay was to get away from the press, harrassing us and our neighbours daily for a story that doesnt exist.

Lauren has not said one single word to the media, so her ‘quotes’ written in the papers are absolute lies!!! Whilst on the subject of the outright lies spread mostly by the undeniable scum that is the Sun – It was MY decision to pull out of the Moscow deal because I was not fit – absoloutley nothing to do with money.

I was also offered the support by Hollway to help me off the pitch which is something I was very grateful to hear and could not turn down.

I am still young enough to turn things around and believe I can do that now I have right support in place.

The media have ruined so many lives in order to make a few pennies – they aren’t going to continue to do that here.

I’ve made mistakes in my life, thats no big secret and im sorry to anyone i have hurt or offended along the way. I’m working hard to correct this and won’t let anything get in my way.

Full screenshot of the Steven Caulker Instagram statement – on the left hand side is The Sun article

Full screenshot of the Steven Caulker Instagram statement