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The PL clubs who voted against transfer window changes revealed

Against the norm

It has been revealed that Manchester United, Manchester City, Swansea, Crystal Palace and Watford were the clubs who voted against the early closure.

All clubs voted against having a transfer window that ended the evening before the Premier League season kicked off.

The changes will take place during the next summer transfer window just prior to the 2018/19 season.

It was announced on Thursday afternoon that a vote had passed for the Premier League to bring the transfer window forward.

14 clubs voted in favour of the vote, while the clubs listed above voted against and Burnley abstained from the vote.

This will no doubt provoke some questions from those around the footballing world as to why the clubs decided to vote against the change.

The change to the transfer window was seen to be positive and would allow teams to know what they are working with before the season starts.

Though, there will certainly be some teething problems as none of the other windows in Europe will close at the same time.

That could well mean that Premier League clubs are easy prey for clubs abroad who will look to poach some of their talents when the window closes.

This would leave clubs powerless to replace their players and would have to fight against all advances.

Positive reaction from abroad

While there have been a few that have rejected the idea in the Premier League, it has received a positive reception abroad.

The changes to the transfer window have been talked about as much abroad as in England over the past few years.

Now, the other competitions and teams are starting to take notice and a couple of them have had some things to say about it.

Find out what they had to say here.