Everyone agrees that Portugal defender Pepe is a dick after Iceland match [Tweets]

pepe fouls icelandic player, june 2016
pepe fouls icelandic player, june 2016

Pepe is a good defender

Pepe has never been a popular figure. Down the years he’s given fans so many reasons to dislike him with his performances for Real Madrid. He’s a good defender, it must be said, but his play-acting and nastiness make him almost impossible to praise. Like after Portugal drew with Iceland, for example.

At times Pepe defended really well. Like when Finnbogason chased down a through ball midway through the second half. Had Pepe been skinned there then the attacker would have been one on one with the goalkeeper.

But he’s also a dick

If only he could handle his temper as well. The centre-half has a lengthy rap sheet of hitting out at forwards, getting in his sly digs and hits. His play-acting against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final had Gary Lineker calling him a dick online. It was succinct, everyone agreed. He is a dick.

Lineker reiterated his belief that Pepe was a dick when he could be seen kicking out at an Icelandic opponent. He wasn’t the only famous face to comment on the pantomime villain’s comically villainous behaviour.