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Play the Euro 2020 predictor game & experience the wisdom of the crowd

Euro 2020 predictor game

Euro 2020 predictor game

Euro 2020 is here & it’s time to make your predictions!

To prepare for what will be an awesome month of football, we have created our Euro 2020 prediction game.

The aim of the Euro 2020 predictor game is super simple: it’s loads of fun and it will enhance your enjoyment of the tournament.

No downloads required. No logins needed. Just play online for free.

Without further ado, here’s how to play…

Euro 2020 predictor: The rules

Playing our Euro 2020 predictor couldn’t be easier.

Select which teams you believe will progress from each of the Euro 2020 groups and hit ‘submit’ – it’s that simple.

Top Tip: You’ll need to select 16 teams in total to advance from the group. You have to decide which groups will have 3 teams qualify, and which groups will only have 2 teams reach the last-16.

After the group phase ends, you’ll be invited again to make your Euro 2020 last-16 predictions.

The same flow will operate before the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

How can I play the Euro 2020 predictor game now?


Make your predictions for the group stages below.

EURO 2020 Group Stage
791 Votes
*Your Pick
Group A
Turkey 75.3% 0
Italy 98.4% 3
Wales 43.2% 1
Switzerland 57.6% 1
Group B
Russia 66.5% 0
Belgium 98.9% 3
Finland 13.1% 3
Denmark 89.1% 0
Group C
North Macedonia 9.2% 0
Austria 77.1% 3
Ukraine 72.7% 0
Netherlands 97.5% 3
Group D
Czech Republic 32.2% 3
Scotland 48.3% 0
Croatia 96% 0
England 96.1% 3
Group E
Slovakia 10.9% 3
Poland 81.4% 0
Sweden 64.9% 1
Spain 95.6% 1
Group F
Germany 85.1% 0
France 97.7% 3
Portugal 90.4% 3
Hungary 2.8% 0

Constant updates from the evolving wisdom of the crowd

This part is super cool. After you place your Euro 2020 predictions, we’ll automatically reveal how your picks compare to the always-evolving wisdom of the crowd.

As the wisdom of the crowd converges and zeroes in on final results, keep checking the Euro 2020 predictor page to see whether you’ve made maverick guesses or whether your picks are mainstream.

Euro 2020 predictor updates during the tournament

Our Euro 2020 predictor game will be updated daily during the tournament.

That means you can continuously track how your predictions have stacked up against what’s actually happened on the pitch.

This is the moment where you can prove your prophecies, gloat to your friends and show off your footballing knowledge.

With the explanations out of the way, it’s time to make your Euro 2020 predictions.

Thanks for playing the game.

We hope you have a truly brilliant Euro 2020 summer!

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