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PL clubs vote to close summer transfer window before season starts

Step in the right direction

The Premier League have announced that the 20 clubs in the competition have voted in favour of closing the summer transfer window before the season starts.

It has been discussed for many months and seasons that the transfer window should close earlier but only now has that come to fruition.

The clubs voted on the matter and the majority voted in favour of it closing earlier, which will stop clubs altering their squads after the season starts.

This will supposedly stop clubs poaching players during the season and will put a stop to players refusing to play for the club in the PL to force through a move.

This could be credited with both situations of Virgil van Dijk and Philippe Coutinho who are yet to play for their sides this season.

The window will close at 5pm the day before the first matchday of the season, which will allow the clubs to lock in their squads for the season.

A statement from the Premier League also revealed that the new window format will begin next summer for the 2018/19 season.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction, but there are some disadvantages that come with that.


While this is seen as a big step forward when it comes to having a squad set in stone before the start of the season, there are still issues.

If the window is set to close early next season, it could well be a big issue for clubs who are looking to sign internationals due to the World Cup.

There has been no mention that the window would open earlier so it will leave clubs only a couple of weeks before and after the competition to sign players.

Not only that, it has been confirmed that players can still be sold after the window closes, which means that foreign clubs can still sign PL players after the deadline.

That could create some big issues if a player was to leave the Premier League for a big club in Europe after the deadline, as the former club could not replace them.

This will mean that once that deadline comes, all PL clubs will have to attempt to hold onto their players for another three weeks after.