Philippe Coutinho

The Philippe Coutinho move from Liverpool to Barcelona saga is not over

The Philippe Coutinho transfer saga lives on!

Almost as soon as reports emerged that Barcelona would have to give up on Philippe Coutinho, they have emerged again in force in the Catalan press.

Barcelona’s latest bid for Coutinho was transmitted on Friday and immediately rejected by Liverpool.

Somewhat laughably Barcelona set a deadline of Sunday night for Liverpool to confirm again that they had rejected the latest Coutinho offer.

See the latest Philippe Coutinho updates below:

Amazing news for Liverpool: Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona is ‘impossible’.

Liverpool fans celebrate and mock Barcelona after ‘deadline’ for Coutinho passes.

Sport continue to peddle the Philippe Coutinho rumour

Alas, from a Liverpool perspective and certainly for transfer gossips tiring of Coutinho to Barcelona, Sport continue to peddle the rumour.

Right now, Barcelona have told Coutinho they still want him to join.

Both Barcelona and Coutinho are fully confident that the deal will be closed in the coming days.

Barcelona desperate for Coutinho to join

Barcelona have reiterated to Coutinho in recent hours that they are still desperate for him to join.

Sport blame the slowdown in the deal to Liverpool’s Champions League play-off with Hoffenheim.

Jurgen Klopp’s side won the first leg without Coutinho in Germany, 2-1.

Will Liverpool relent on Coutinho?

Sport report that the deal will start moving again after Liverpool play Hoffenheim in the second leg of the play-off on Wednesday evening.

They add that Coutinho remains keen to play for Barcelona with Leo Messi and his friend, former Liverpool team mate Luis Suarez.

Liverpool meanwhile have been pretty insistent regarding Coutinho’s future, saying on a regular basis that the Brazilian would not be sold.

Surely Liverpool cannot relent now on Coutinho? And, how high will Barcelona have to go to make them reconsider?

All questions which will surely be answered in the final 10 days of the summer transfer window.