Per Mertersaker warned of crowd trouble ahead of FC Koln game

Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker was warned to keep family away from the Emirates Stadium due to FC Koln crowd trouble.

 20,000 German supporters descended on North London in an attempt to watch their side play.

Huge occasion

For the Gunners, playing in the Europa League was certainly not a cause for celebration.

On the other hand, for FC Koln fans this was a huge occasion.

This was the German club’s first European game in 25 years.

Supporters of the club were adamant on being at the game, causing huge crowd trouble.

Over 20,000 Koln fans arrived in North London, despite the German’s only being given 2,900 tickets.

FC Koln fans with tickets in the home end attempted to reach the away section, causing plenty of trouble.

In the end, they overtook the entire Clock End at the Emirates.


Due to the troubles, the game was moved back by an hour.

The case is set to be dealt with by a special UEFA body on 21 September.

FC Koln have so far been charged by UEFA for crowd disturbances, setting off fireworks, throwing of objects and acts of damage.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have been fined for blocking stairways for the away supporters.


Arsenal fans at the game have expressed their feelings of being unsafe.

With FC Koln fans gaining access into the home end and causing a very hostile atmosphere.

Prior to the game, Per Mertesacker has admitted he was warned to keep his family away.

 I don’t know what happened outside, I just wanted to make sure my family is OK.

Some people said ‘tell them to stay at home’, because there were such big problems here outside of the stadium.

So mixed feelings, but at the end we were just happy, to have played and have finished the game today.”