Pep Guardiola refuses to change ‘philosophy’ after heavy loss (Video)

Pig Headed

Pep Guardiola has claimed that his Manchester City side were ‘exceptional’ in the first half against Everton, and despite losing 4-0, thinks his philosophy is working, and will not change it.

He also added that his side’s title chances are over now, but still thinks there is hope for Manchester City this season.

The majority of his time was spent talking about possession, and how his side need to keep more of it, and then the results will come.

Fight for fifth?

At the start of the season, most people thought it would be Pep and Jose Mourinho fighting it out for the title – yet that hasn’t been the case. The duo have seen their title challenges fall apart, and are now fighting for a top four spot – or even fifth and sixth place.

That certainly isn’t what people expected with the two heavy-weight managers, but it is the reality for this season at least.

City have the Champions League and the cup competitions, and could well look to go further in those – something that could save Pep’s season.