Pep Guardiola re-names Tottenham Hotspur as he talks about title favourites

Harry Kane team

Pep Guardiola was playing it cool following his side’s win over Chelsea – and said that not only are Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United side someone to watch out for – but that a certain team in north London were on his radar as title contenders and rivals as well.

Quite aptly it seems this season – well post August – Pep called Tottenham Hotspur the ‘Harry Kane’ team and made it clear just how well he thought the striker was doing this season.

He said following Man City’s huge win: “We’re in September. Chelsea won 13 games in a row last season. They were unbeatable, they won the league. It’s not easy.

“Of course this season they play in Europe. It’s a little more complicated for all the teams.

“We have United [and] the Harry Kane team who scores every game two or three goals.

“Jose with United will always be tough. That is a Jose Mourinho team, aggressive winning duels and so quick on the counter attack. They are already convinced they can do it in this way. It will be tough.”

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The team were amazing

He also made it clear just how good his side were, and that Chelsea are a complete team, and by managing to play the way they did, City were tactically astute and their players were able to carry out Pep’s instructions – something that the players he had last season were not able to do at times.

He added: “It’s not necessary to say how good [Chelsea] are, how strong, how fast, how quick. They are able to do absolutely everything .

“We played with courage, to keep the ball, to make high pressing. To provoke what happened in the last minutes and to provoke them to play long balls through Marcos Alonso.

“We play so high. John and Nico were amazing making the line high. You know how difficult it is to do that against Alvaro Morata, Willian, [Eden] Hazard. When they receive the ball in those positions you are dead.

“Leroy, Gabriel and Raz [Sterling] made an outstanding performance. They didn’t let Chelsea have time to think or put the ball in behind.

“In the second half the impression was good. They didn’t have the ball. We could retain the ball and attack and attack.”