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Outrage as Premier League considers making Sunday morning fixtures for global audiences

Global league

While there’s plenty of debate as to which is the best league in the world, there’s very little doubt that the Premier League is the most popular and the richest.

With millions of supporters following all 20 clubs from all parts of the globe, the league is looking to capitalise on growing numbers of television audiences.

New time slots

Fans in America will know all about waking up early in the morning to see their favourite sides play, while many in Asia often have to stay up late at night to catch a game.

Everyone knows that in England, football is played at 3pm on a Saturday.

Of course, since the Premier League’s inception in 1992, matches have been played at various time slots throughout the weekend.

Recently the Premier League re-introduced Friday night fixtures to their roster. But now, in an attempt to widen their television audiences – from which the Premier League receives most of its money – the league is considering two controversial permanent fxiture slots.

A Saturday night match at 7:45 and a more controversial slot on Sunday morning.

These ideas were discussed at a recent shareholders meeting, attended by all 20 chairmen.