What was on the note Jurgen Klopp gave to Daniel Sturridge? [Twitter Jokes]

Southampton v Liverpool

Southampton will take a 1-goal aggregate lead to Anfield for the 2nd leg of their EFL Cup semi-final, after beating Liverpool 1-0 at St Mary’s tonight.

And they owe a lot to Liverpool’s flaky defence for their goal.

Ragnar Klavan has been reasonably solid when called upon by Jurgen Klopp this season, but he had an absolute brain far during the first half at Saint Mary’s.

Either that, or his eyesight isn’t very good, as he let an easy ball pass right by him, completely misjudging his clearance.

It meant Liverpool were left chasing an equalizer as the game wore on, which provoked an interesting intervention from Jurgen Klopp on the Liverpool bench.

Klopp gives Sturridge a note

Apparently unable to vocally get his message across due to the noise in the stadium, Klopp scribbled down a crude note on a piece of paper, and passed it to Daniel Sturridge, who was asked to pass the message on.

Sturridge seemed a combination of bemused and confused by the note, as he showed it to Adam Lallana.

Whatever was on the note, it didn’t work, as Liverpool failed to find an equalizer.