Norwich’s Todd Cantwell reacts to Brighton’s Covid-19 positive case as footballers across Europe speak out

Norwich’s Todd Cantwell reacts to Brighton’s Covid-19 positive case

22-year-old Todd Cantwell has decided to speak out.

On Sunday, Brighton confirmed that they’ve recorded another positive Covid-19 result.

This is the third player at Brighton to have contracted the virus during the pandemic.

On Twitter, Norwich’s young midfielder posted: “We are just people too [shrug emoji]”.

A quick look at the comments section once again proved how toxic Twitter can be.

While some praised the Norwich midfielder for voicing his opinion, others took easy, nasty and tasteless jabs at the footballer.



Man City’s Sergio Aguero & Brighton’s Glenn Murray

Considering some of the grim comments sent to Cantwell, it shouldn’t be too surprising to realise that most Premier League footballers have stayed silent on the discussion of playing football during a global pandemic.

Aside from the Norwich player, Man City’s Sergio Aguero has been one of the few players to speak about Covid-19 recently.

Aguero revealed that he was “scared” of returning to the pitch.

Brighton’s Glenn Murray is another who has revealed his concerns about playing football in the current climate:

I have children at home. I wouldn’t want to jeopardise them. Some footballers have newly born children who might be more susceptible to getting the disease.

Some are living with elderly parents. It is a really difficult situation to agree on.


Laurent Koscielny: Footballers are not puppets

Over the weekend, former Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny, who now plays in Ligue 1 with Bordeaux, spoke to Le Figaro about how football should react to the Covid-19 crisis.

Of course, the Ligue 1 season has already been shut down by the French government.

For 34-year-old Koscielny, who is upset at how players can sometimes be treated as objects, this crisis provides a platform which footballers need to take to reshape the future of the game. He told Le Figaro:

This period allowed us all to take a step back, to think about the future with more clarity.

It highlighted the human dimension of our profession. We realise that we have a valuable job, but we are not superheroes.

Our voice matters, but we are not puppets. We can make a difference for the future, both on and off the field. 

We know what is good for our sport. This crisis has brought to light many problems (in football). We are ready to make our contribution, but, for that, we have to consider ourselves differently.

It is unacceptable to speak about players as “good value for money” or as “good deals”. These words shock us all. We are not property! 


FC Magdeburg striker Sören Betram: ‘We are only puppets’

It’s not only Koscielny who has spoken out about feeling like a puppet.

Derek Rae has flagged up an eye-catching story concerning the return of football in the lower leagues in Germany.

While many are focused on the Bundesliga’s return this weekend, the lower leagues in Germany are also gearing up to resume.

However, as reported in regional paper, Volksstimme Sport, FC Magdeburg striker Sören Betram has spoken out about feeling like a “puppet” as he prepares to return to action in the 3. Liga against his will.

The striker is quoted, saying:

The DFB absolutely want us to continue. The players are not involved in the discussion at all. We are only puppets.

(The hygiene plan) means players have to go into quarantine, be sealed off in a hotel. I would be interested to see how DFB officials felt if they were isolated from their family for a week.

I’m afraid of becoming infected in a game. The danger exists when it comes to making challenges. All of us can’t keep a clear head about this, because following an infection we could have lung problems for the rest of our lives.


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