Nicolas Anelka posted a surprisingly touching message of support for Sam Allardyce

Nicolas Anelka and Big Sam had a good working relationship
Nicolas Anelka and Big Sam had a good working relationship

Le Sulk

The reaction to Big Sam’s England sacking has been mixed. It’s the type of thing that is bound to split opinion. As Allardyce said, entrapment won. Maybe he fell for the trap that was set but it was cruel to lure him into it. Sure, he made his own bed. But we all make mistakes. Nobody knows this better than Nicolas Anelka.

The French striker was nicknamed Le Sulk during his top-flight career for his habit of throwing tantrums. He’s had more falling outs in football than we can remember. High profile ones that spring to mind are with former France coach Raymond Domenech and ex-Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas.

Anelka loves Big Sam

One man who it appears Anelka did get on with was Big Sam. He played under the coach when he was at Bolton for 18 months from the summer of 2006 to January 2008. He posted this message of support for a man whose dreams have been crushed into the dirt: “So sorry for this story big sam! U were the right man for England and I still believe u are! Doesn’t matter what u did or what u said we all do mistakes … The most important is we still love u! Thanks for everything.”

That’s pretty sweet. Read it below.

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