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How Neymar told his Barcelona team mates he was leaving for PSG

Neymar told his Barcelona team mates at Leo Messi’s wedding!

It was the signing of the summer and as many have argued the signing of the century.

Months later it still feels somewhat incredible that Neymar left Barcelona for PSG in a world record 222 million euro move.

At the start of August Neymar made his move in one of the most stunning transfers in football history.

Leaving Barcelona stunned, PSG in raptures and UEFA wondering how they could implement Financial Fair Play when major clubs are owned by uber rich countries.

Xavi explains how Neymar told his Barcelona team mates

When the stories linking Neymar with PSG emerged in June, no one believed them and the general assumption was that the Brazilian superstar was looking for a new contract at the Camp Nou.

Then it dawned on Barcelona that they had set Neymar’s release clause too low. And, it was simply down to PSG to go directly to La Liga to buy one of the greatest talents in world football.

Meanwhile, Neymar and his father were revealed to have been plotting a career move that would allow the former Santos star to lead a major European team.

Rather than be in Leo Messi’s shadow.

Was Neymar in Leo Messi’s shadow?

For much of the summer transfer window, football fans across the globe wondered if Neymar needed to leave Barcelona to move out of Leo Messi’s shadow.

This theory as to why Neymar left for PSG is likely to receive a shot in the arm from Xavi’s latest comments to the BBC.

The former Barcelona midfielder has revealed how Neymar told his Barcelona team mates of his move to PSG at the wedding of Messi to Antonella Roccuzzo.

“I’m not happy in Barcelona”

Xavi details on the BBC audio clip below how: “He [Neymar] said to us in Messi’s wedding, that he wanted to change, he wanted to change the club.”

The midfield schemer and Spain legend continued: “And, I said to him: ‘but why?’ Well, I’m not happy in Barcelona, I prefer goes out to have a new experience in Europe. In Paris Saint Germain.”

Xavi adds: “And, finally he did it. It was his decision. We must respect it. And, I think with Neymar, Mbappe, Paris Saint Germain have a great chance to win the Champions League this season.”

How Leo Messi’s wedding changed the course of football history

It is now fascinating to look back on last summer and the pivotal weeks in July and August.

If Xavi is to be believed, then Neymar had made up his mind a full month before leaving for PSG.

This was far from certain at the time.

It should also be noted that before Messi’s wedding, Dani Alves looked likely to join Manchester City.

Once Alves and Neymar attended Leo Messi’s wedding, they clearly had both decided that PSG would be a better destination to link up in.

Xavi: Neymar broke the PSG news at Messi’s wedding

Leo Messi posts video from his wedding to Antonella Roccuzzo

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Dani Alves & Neymar at the Messi wedding

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